Building Technology and Managemenet II

The aim of the course is preparation of future architects for their role as a project designer and manager starting from the project investment programme up to the constructional stage by means of furnishing students with adequate tools and techniques for competent quantitative design of construction process in situ under competitive (red ocean) and highly bureaucratic post-modern conditions. Students submit solutions of the site accommodation and organization based on their individual building projects. Both general mathematical formulas, algorithms and the lecturer´s expertise and skills will develop the student´s knowledge of how to design documentation of the construction process per se. BT seminars are devoted to practical problems in the form of an indivi dual student´s Project "Prepare the technology documentation to a building permit” (design develop ment phase) with emphasis on the specific location (the layout and dimensions of the site accom modation), temporary site infrastructure and the needs of resources (energy, manpower, machines), programming (CPM, BKM…) and construction process organization (staging, health and safety measures...) and architect´s supervision (the building log).Thus following crucial information is inevitable: construction works cost, contracted completion period, general location. Pre-requisity: - familiar with the golden rule (of three) = linear equations - basic geometry (surface, space, volume…) - basic knowledge of constr. materials, works and elements - basic technical units (m, m2, m3, l, kW, kWh,…) - horse sense (Descartes: bon sens, buen sentido, r Hausverstand)

Kód: 555EM2
Semestr: 2
Program: Erasmus
Rozsah: 2+1
Kredit: 3
Hodnocení: A+E
Jazyk: Anglicky


Rozvrh hodin ZS 2020/2021

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