Technical Infrastructure II-Urban Utilities - Master

Kód: 500TZI2
Semestr: 7
Program: Master Degree
Rozsah: 2+1
Kredit: 3
Hodnocení: A+E
Jazyk: Anglicky


Rozvrh hodin ZS 2019/2020

Valid for ERASMUS students too.

UTILITY OF CITY ( Systems of technical infrastrukture of urban space )

1.Technical infrastructure
TI - Introduction (PDF  452 kB)
2.Basic information about territory and its technical utilities ( public utilities )
3.Water line systems
TI - Water supply (PDF  3,2 MB)
4.Drenage - sewerage systems, systems for srface water..
Drain systems (PDF  4,1 MB)
6.Energy and needs of urban space ( el. energy, energetic gas, central heating.. )

Podmínky zkoušky




1.Basic information about territory
2.Water line system
Water systems (PDF  2,7 MB)
3.Drenage system
Drenage system (PDF  2,3 MB)
4.Energetic needs

Podmínky udělení zápočtu

Single ( individual ) service system of technical infrastructure will be desined in advance in to selected area ( locality ).
Conditions for evolution - presentation at the seminars min. 70%
Seminar work must be made in a good quality and determined result.




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